Strategies To Consolidate Payday Loans

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It is generally agreed that payday loan consolidation is a great way to enable borrowers to escape from the debt trap. Under the consolidation process, the multiple payday loans are rolled into one and a monthly payment schedule spanning a few months is made. Thus, the process converts a high interest short-term loan into a long-term debt at lower interest rates.

One major factor that borrowers must have to consider about payday loan is that, they basically charge greater interest rates. The interest rate will be very high, and the total repayment is significantly greater than the amount borrowed. The more time the loan remain unpaid, the greater will be the repayable amount. Hence, in such cases often a consolidation is the only way out of this predicament. However, it may be difficult to find someone ready to finance the consolidation, and therefore borrowers have to strive harder to find a genuine and professional financier to do the job most conveniently.

Luckily, there are a number of management concerns which have developed soluble packages for easy payday loan consolidation. With their assistance, it is possible to pay back all the debts in a short duration of time and to regain improved credit rating. The lower and the middle class are the ones who usually take the payroll advances. These are used to meet emergencies that cannot wait until the next paycheck arrives. People with a bad credit history also take these advances when they are unable to get any other financial assistance.

Although individuals usually borrow an amount that they will be able to repay when you receive the next paycheck, sometimes it happens that they become unable to pay off the borrowed amount in time. If this happens, they will have to incur penalties and late fees in addition to paying the finance charges for the extended period of the loan. Since these borrowings carry very high rates of interest, the accumulated interest may add up to be greater than the original borrowed amount over a period of time.

In order to start the process of payday loan consolidation, borrowers have to first approach a company that does the job. The company will approach all the lenders on behalf of the borrower and negotiate with them to workout a monthly repayment schedule. After this, the borrower will make the monthly payment to the company, which in turn would allocate it to the other lenders. This way the monthly payments would be lower than the sum of the payments made to the individual lenders. The loan consolidation company will charge a nominal fee for its services.

The advantage of consolidating payday cash advance is that it increases the repayment time of the short-term debt by converting it into a long-term loan. In this way, the consolidation improves income to debt ratio of the borrowers, thus increasing their credit rating. However, the borrower will have to pay some fees to consolidation provider. Also, if the company does not negotiate properly or have ambiguous clauses or hidden charges, it may cause additional financial burden. There are also some payday lenders who refuse to work with consolidation companies. However, such lenders are rare and they will agree to some sort of consolidation after negotiations and submissions.

The key to successful consolidation is to find an able and established consolidation company. A large number of these providers and available on the internet, and one can investigate and choose the right provider with a bit of searching and comparison. Also, consulting friends and relatives will also help in finding a good consolidation company. The trouble of finding a good provider is much less when compared to the relief one can get from bringing all the debts under one umbrella and making repayment to one lender instead of the headache of catering to several lenders at the same time.
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Payday Loans in Australia

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Payday loans in the form of cash advances are a simple solution for people with a fixed but small income who usually have shortage of cash towards the end of the month. It is necessary to make purchases, or there is an unforeseen emergency and with no cash in hand so cash advances or payday loans are the way to go. You can apply for payday loans in Australia easily over the Internet. Many lenders provide an online application form for the loan where you can submit your loan request and receive quick response in the next day or so.

The amount for these loans is small, between $100 and $1500, of a short period two or three week repayment. Various States have laws regarding minimum and maximum tenure and loan amount permitted for the cash advances from the lenders. There are fixed interest rates too, to make sure that the APR is revealed and that you borrow only as much as you can repay. For people with no other credit options however, these cash advances can be of great help if they are committed to repaying the loan on time and not extend it.

Cash Advance Qualifications

In order to get cash advances from a lender one has to fill an application form in the store or do so online, which is more easier, impersonal and time saving. There are some essential criteria for cash advance qualifications such as the applicant has to be 18 years or above, have a permanent job, have a valid bank account, be an Australia citizen or resident. Even people with a history of bad credit can apply and get cash advances from the lenders, as they do not perform credit checks.

Cash Advance Application

Applying online for cash advances is an easy task, once you do some research and find a lender with the lowest APR. In a cash advance application the customers would have to fill in their name, address, phone number, e-mail id, duration of employment (minimum six months), their employers name, address, contact details and have to produce copies of the latest pay stub and bank statements etc.

Cash advances will be made after the lenders verify the information electronically by referring databases if they are no paperwork, no fax kind of lender or by calling the employer and verifying the documents that have been submitted. If the application is approved, the customer then receive the cash which is electronically transferred into their bank account as specified in the application form.
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Seven Dangers of Payday Loans

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These loans are perfect in an emergency situation to help a person overcome a temporary cash shortage. However, many without experience can find them to be problematic and risky. Without control over funds, fees can mount and cost a fortune in the long run.

Payday loans are not all bad; they just require some understanding. It is imperative that borrowers understand what they are getting into and know just what the consequences of non-repayment are. For some, these risks may lessen the beauty of the benefits. Consider the following tips before deciding to take out a payday loan.

1. First of all, understand that the amount of cash received will be less than the amount for which the borrower has to write a check. Typically a fee can range from $15 to $50, per each $100 borrowed. Usually the borrower will leave a check made out for the loan amount plus fees, to be deposited on payback date.

2. Secondly, realize that borrowers may not always have funds available to make the payment at the end of the loan term. Most lenders will happily work with the borrower to have them extend or "roll" the loan. This includes another fee on the loan amount, meaning the borrower now owes more money at the end of the new deadline. Eventually, this fee becomes bigger and bigger as borrowers are forced to roll the loan.

3. Next, there are states that regulate these types of loans by setting a time limit on the loan term. Usually this is a 30 day loan term limit. However, some businesses can get around this rule by having no loans with less than a 31 day limit, making them count as long term loans.

4. Payday loans can be dangerous for some because they are easily accessible to those who are lower income. These individuals might not otherwise be able to obtain a traditional loan. Many lenders do not consider the fact that many of these borrowers already have financial troubles and may have a difficult time paying back the loan. Instead, they are sometimes overly eager to lend to these individuals.

5. Borrowers also do not grasp the concept that payday loans are meant to be used as an alternative funding source in the case of an emergency. Instead some borrowers take advantage of the low cost and ease of getting the loan, and they use the funds for frivolous purchases. This can be harmful because lower income individuals may find it difficult to pay back the loan, and they will have to "roll" the loan over and pay additional fees.

6. Beware of fraudulent payday loan operations. Some companies will automatically roll a loan over and remove only the renewal fee from borrower's bank accounts on the date of the scheduled payback. Others will include in contracts that borrowers cannot file bankruptcy or join class action suits against the company. This removes rights of the borrower and protects the lender.

7. Finally, borrowers can become accustomed to using payday loans to cover monthly bills. However, that means when a paycheck comes around, they are not able to pay those monthly bills again because they have to pay off the loan. Or they have to roll the loan over because they do not have the money to pay it off. This is one factor that keeps people in financial distress.

If you are already having financial problems, a payday loan may be perfect for you. However, you need to be aware of the potential dangers and know how to plan accordingly. The most important step is that you use a payday loan as intended as an emergency fund. - Seven Dangers of Payday Loans

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