Why Faxless Payday Loans?

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Faxless payday loans take convenience to a whole new level. Whether the issue is medical emergencies, car troubles or a host of other little curve balls life can throw your way, faxless payday loans open up an avenue to get your money faster. The response time is remarkably fast – much faster than traditional payday loan methods.

There are many options to secure payday loans in person or over the Internet with direct deposit into a bank account. The Internet option is most convenient when you don’t have a car because it is in the repair shop or you are preoccupied with rushing someone to the hospital for that medical emergency.

Internet payday loan services have historically required applicants to fax over proof of residence, employment and income level. This defeats the purpose of using an Internet payday loan service because the convenience is gone. Those who do not have easy access to a fax machine must go track one down. They may as well just spend their time paying a personal visit to the actual payday loan company offices.

Faxless payday loans eliminate all paperwork requirements – the credit and background checks are done by staff over the Internet and phone. Often, the money from the loan is deposited into the designated bank account within one hour. This allows you to focus on the emergency at hand instead of worrying about where to find the money to pay for it.

Faxless payday loans are usually approved regardless of the applicant’s credit history. This can also be used as an opportunity to improve bad credit by repaying the loan on time. Repayment schedules can be set up for one lump sum to be deducted, with interest, from the next paycheck. More conveniently, the loan can be repaid through several smaller deductions from different paychecks over a set amount of time. However, this option – while convenient – may also result in higher interest rate charges.

The payday loan market is continually seeking ways to embrace technology and better serve customers in their time of need. The Internet is one avenue to improve the already convenient payday loan opportunity and take the service to the next level. It is understandable that you have no control over what circumstances life will throw your way, so next time an emergency strikes unexpectedly, don’t fret. Faxless payday loans are ready to bail you out of a jam in no time!
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